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Dear Friends,

Franz2012 A

WVFL President
Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

In August, the pro-abortion movement in West Virginia sponsored a campaign attacking Attorney General Morrisey for his call to examine the lack of oversight provided for the abortion facilities in the state.  This gave us an opportunity to educate the public about the facts:  that abortion is legal for all nine months of pregnancy in West Virginia, that taxpayer dollars fund abortions through the state Medicaid system at more than $350,000 last year, that there is no requirement that abortions be performed by a physician, and that the state has no regulations or inspections of these tax-supported facilities.

We know that West Virginians are pro-life and they oppose spending their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for abortions performed in West Virginia.  We are now being asked to fund abortions in the health care provided through the new Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare.  However, this health care law gives each state the option of passing legislation to opt-out of paying for abortions in our health care exchanges.  West Virginians for Life has asked our state leaders to take advantage of this opportunity to limit state funding of abortion, as has happened in nearly half of the other states.

However, our state leaders don’t believe that West Virginians really care about these issues.  They have not heard from us, but our opponents have spoken up loud and clear.  The leaders of our state must hear from pro-life West Virginians.  You have an opportunity to really make a difference.

We need the help of all pro-life West Virginians to tell the leaders of the West Virginia state legislature that they must put this bill on the agenda in next year’s legislative session, pass it, and send it to the Governor for his signature.  You can do the following:

• Contact the Governor (1-888-438-2731) and your state representatives (1-877-565-3447) to tell them you support passage of the ACA Opt-Out legislation.

• Print the petition in support of the ACA Opt-Out of Abortion Provision, sign it and get as many as you know to do the same.

• Obtain our educational flyer for information on opting-out of abortion funding.  Please copy this information and distribute it widely to your friends, church members and family.

Remember:  Abortion is not health care and should not be part of our health care system.  It does not heal, but, rather, kills an innocent child.  Be the voice that prevents expansion of funding for abortion in the state of West Virginia.

Sincerely, for life,

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President