Note the number of daily abortions has decreased since the banner was made a few years ago. This display was erected in Raleigh County in 2010.

Imagine 3,000 crosses driven into the ground representing the babies lost by abortion every day in America.  These small wooden crosses are easily transported for a traveling memorial.  Chapters, Knights of Columbus Groups or others could receive the memorial project in their area for special times and events.  By placing the crosses in a field or lot near a well-traveled highway, a visible reminder of the tragedy of abortion would be easily constructed to convict your community of the terrible tragedy we ignore.  The impact of such a symbol is not soon lost on people!

Your own Memorial: If you have lost a child to abortion, or you would like to dedicate a cross to a loved one, a donation to the project would place that name on one of the crosses.  As the Memorial travels throughout West Virginia, your loved one will have a living tribute every time the crosses are erected in another location.  For the women who are being healed of an abortion, this would be an opportunity to have a memorial to your child, giving him or her a name as a witness to the world that God’s gift is eternal life, and we will one day share in a glorious, everlasting reunion with these precious babies who are waiting the other side.

Our prayer is that we will raise enough to create one cross for each baby that dies daily to the abortion industry.  May God help us to quicken the conscience of America.