West Virginians for Life works with legislators to pass pro-life legislation and to defeat pro-abortion legislation.  WVFL coordinates grassroots lobbying efforts through dissemination of legislative alerts, compilation and distribution of legislative voting records and the maintenance of phone trees.  WVFL organizes an annual Pro-Life Rally and Day at the Legislature at the state capitol.

Studies have shown that pro-life legislation saves lives.  Hundreds of thousands of children are alive today because of the numerous pro-life laws passed by state legislatures across the country.  West Virginians for Life has been instrumental in passing a Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act (1997), a Women’s Right to Know law (2003), an Unborn Victims of Violence Act (2005)  and an Ultrasound Option Requirement Act (2010), the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (2015) and the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Ban Act (2016).  There is still much more that can be done to protect unborn children in West Virginia.  Visit the WVFL website often to see what part you might play in helping to enact pro-life laws.