Wanda Franz, Ph.D. WVFL President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
WVFL President

Dear Friends,

As President of West Virginians for Life, I can assure that your financial help is deeply appreciated. We have so many ideas for educational programs. Right now, we have a new tool to help us with education. It is a movie called Hush that describes the research demonstrating that abortion has many devastating consequences for women’s health and well-being. However, women are not being told about these terrible consequences. We need to get this movie out to the public, so women will have the facts.

To do this, we rely on your generous financial contributions. I want to tell you about a way that you can contribute to us just by doing your regular grocery shopping. The Kroger Company has a Kroger Community Rewards Program. Just by shopping at Kroger stores, you can provide a percentage of your purchase, which is sent directly to WVFL Educational Trust Fund.

You must obtain a Kroger Plus Card at the store where you do most of your shopping. You then go online at krogercommunityrewards.com and sign up using West Virginians for Life Educational Trust Fund or the code 92864. Click here for a flyer with all the instructions.

We hope that you will sign up and help us to do our important educational work. Abortion hurts women, and they deserve to hear the truth. Help us get the truth out to them.


Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President, West Virginians for Life