Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
WVFL President

Dear Friends,

On June 27, 2016, the Supreme Court overturned the Texas law on a 5 to 3 majority.  The Texas law before the Supreme Court required that abortion facilities must follow the same regulations as regular medical clinics, including having hospital privileges at a local hospital.  The Texas law was designed to raise the safety standards of abortion facilities to that of regular medical clinics.

This is not a pro-woman decision. Women go into abortion facilities assuming that they are run like regular medical clinics.  Women don’t understand that abortion facilities are exempt from such requirements. Pro-abortion advocates rely on the propaganda that “Abortion should be between the woman and her doctor.”  This implies that abortion is just another medical procedure governed by medical standards.  However, abortionists are not controlled by the standard medical procedures that are followed by all reputable medical clinics.  This has been proven by the Supreme Court decision that exempts abortionists from such medical standards.

Pro-abortion advocates know that abortion is not health care.  A woman goes into the abortion facility not because she is sick, but because she wants to have her unborn child killed.  The abortionist, whom she is usually meeting for the first time, does not discuss her medical concerns with her.  If he talks to her at all before the abortion, it is to talk about social and emotional problems.  Yet, abortion is a serious medical intervention with well-documented risks, including death.

Regular medical clinics take responsibility for the patient and the results of the medical intervention.  A follow-up appointment is always scheduled and the doctor stands ready to support the patient when any complications arise.  It would be considered unethical to abandon a patient and simply dump her onto the local Emergency Room.  Yet, that is what the abortionists can do.  If they don’t have hospital privileges at the local hospital, the woman has no choice but to go to the Emergency Room.Scales-of-Justice for Social Media

It is clear that the “buyer must beware.”  The Supreme Court has signaled that abortion facilities have no obligation to provide services that meet the standards of regular medical clinics. As the Gosnell case in Pennsylvania demonstrated, horrific conditions can occur in abortion facilities when the state abdicates its responsibility to enforce minimal standards of care.

Abortionists are not regular medical practitioners and should be considered what they really are – contract killers, who make use of medical procedures to kill babies and damage women. The Supreme Court has confirmed this fact by leaving the status quo in place and preventing legislatures from writing common-sense laws that protect women from medical abuse.

Sincerely, for Life,

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President