House Passage Roll Call Board

Sunday, May 29, marks the 90th day since final passage in the West Virginia legislature of the Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act (SB 10). It will now take effect.

On March 10, the West Virginia Senate voted 25-9 and the House of Delegates voted 85-15 to override Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s veto of the Dismemberment Abortion Ban, making West Virginia the third state to pass this historic legislation. The bill, which earlier had passed 24-9 in the Senate (2/17/16) and 86-13 in the House (2/29/16), was vetoed on March 9, by Governor Tomblin.

Prior to its passage in West Virginia, the measure was in effect in Kansas and Oklahoma. Since successful passage in West Virginia, Mississippi and (most recently) Alabama have followed suit. The bill presently awaits the Governor’s signature in Louisiana and has also been introduced in Idaho, Missouri, and Nebraska. It is expected to be introduced in several other states as well.

Karen Cross, legislative coordinator for West Virginians for Life (WVFL) said, “We at West Virginians for Life were not surprised with Governor Tomblin’s veto of the dismemberment abortion ban because this is his third veto of pro-life legislation in as many years. What did surprise us is that despite a huge bipartisan majority in both houses, Governor Tomblin vetoed legislation that simply says we won’t dismember a living, fully formed unborn child by removing her limb from limb while she’s alive.”

WVFL President Wanda Franz commented, “We are extremely grateful for the pro-life leadership and legislators who voted to override the Governor’s veto, therefore voting to protect West Virginia’s unborn children from this barbaric dismemberment procedure.”

In West Virginia, the bill garnered 100% support from women senators and 83% from women delegates.

Attorney General Patrick Morrisey has said he will defend the law should it be challenged in court.

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