The bright light in the 2016 election returns on Tuesday, May 10, turned out to be the newly elected Justice to the Supreme Court race handily won by Beth Walker. Walker’s win is important in maintaining the delicate conservative balance of the court so that pro-life legislation will receive fair and honest treatment.

Of the 143 candidates endorsed by West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL-PAC), 121 candidates won or 85%. Of those 143 candidates, 75 had races where there was no opposition. In the 68 races where there was opposition, 46 of the PAC’s chosen candidates (68%) won.

It is important to note that in nine of those 21 races where the WVL-PAC endorsements did not prove to be successful, the winner had returned a pro-life survey to West Virginians for Life.

For the first time, the WVL-PAC made endorsements in some non-partisan Circuit Judge races around the state. Of the 8 judicial circuits and 11 candidates endorsed, four of the candidates have been declared winners. In the 22nd Judicial Circuit, the Pendleton County Clerk told West Virginians for Life that there was an issue with votes yet to be counted and until after the official canvass, the final will not be known until Monday, May 16. Come what may, WVL-PAC will have been successful in five of those 11 races.

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President of West Virginians for Life PAC, had this to say: “WVL-PAC is non-partisan and works to support pro-life candidates from both parties. The overwhelming pro-life successes in this election are, in part, due to voters’ desire to elect legislators at both the federal and state levels, who reflect their values regarding the dignity of each human life. West Virginians for Life looks forward to seeing increased support for pro-life candidates in the general election in November.”

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