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During the next legislative session in West Virginia, passage of an Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act will be sought. The 60-day session begins January 13 and lasts through March 12, 2016. Annual Pro-Life Rally Day is Tuesday, February 16, with a noon rally in the lower rotunda of the State Capitol and a prayer walk afterward. Pro-lifers are asked to attend in large numbers.

In the words of West Virginians for Life President Dr. Wanda Franz, “It is especially important that we pass this legislation, in light of the recent undercover videos released by a group called The Center for Medical Progress. These videos depict top doctors in Planned Parenthood discussing the way that abortionists alter their procedures, using their instruments to dismember babies to obtain intact body parts such as heads, hearts, lungs and livers, which can then be sold.

We do not have a Planned Parenthood that performs abortions in the state of West Virginia. But, we need to eliminate the practice that could lead to the sale of baby body parts wherever that may occur. Passing this law would prevent abortionists from doing the type of abortion that allows them to harvest baby body parts as described in the undercover videos.

What you can do between now and the rally in February is to educate yourself about the Dismemberment bill. Print out this flyer and spread the knowledge. Get signatures on the Stop Dismemberment petition and return them before the February 16 rally so that West Virginians for Life can present your wishes via petitions to legislative leadership at the rally.

Please share this web post with all your pro-life friends and family. Thanks for your support.