Pro-Life Landslide in

Historic WV Election

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(Morgantown, WV-Nov. 5, 2014)

It was truly an historic election, not only in West Virginia, but across the country. As polling places in the Mountain State were closing, Fox News announced pro-life WV Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito’s projected election to U.S. Senate. Her confirmed 62-34% margin of victory would follow in short order. Senator-elect Capito becomes the first woman senator ever from West Virginia. A second historic event occurred as pro-life State Senator Evan Jenkins was able to beat Nick Rahall (an incumbent since 1977) in the 3rd Congressional District by 10 percentage points. Alex Mooney won the seat vacated by Capito in the 2nd Congressional District and David McKinley held his seat in the 1st Congressional District, thus completing the pro-life sweep of the entire slate of federal candidates, all of whom were endorsed by West Virginians for Life.

Among statewide races, WVL PAC enjoyed a 72% success rate.

Of the 17 WV Senate races in which endorsements were made, 10 were winners. Of the seven WVL PAC losses, at least four of those winners are also pro-life. This means that 14 newly elected or reelected pro-life senators will join the already 13 pro-life senators allowing for a total of 27 out of 34 senators, who support pro-life policies. (See overview of state Senate pro-life wins below).

WVL PAC can report a 74% winning percentage in the House of Delegates. The PAC endorsed in 65 of 67 districts. Seventy of the 94 pro-life candidates endorsed, won their races. Of the 24 WVL PAC losses, at least nine winners are also pro-life. Translated – nearly 4/5 of the State House will be pro-life as the next legislative session begins in January 2015. Of historical significance, the WV House has not seen a Republican majority since the 1930’s. The results of the November 4 election are 64 Republicans and 36 Democrats. (See overview of West Virginia House pro-life victories below).

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President of West Virginians for Life PAC, had this to say: “WVL PAC is non-partisan and works to support pro-life candidates from both parties. The overwhelming Republican successes in this election are, in part, due to voters’ desire to elect legislators at both the federal and state levels, who reflect their values regarding the dignity of each human life. West Virginians for Life looks forward to seeing increased support for pro-life legislation in next year’s West Virginia legislative session.”

West Virginia Pro-Life State Senate Wins:Ryan Ferns (S1), David Nohe (S3), Mike Hall (S4), Mike Woelfel (S5), Ron Stollings (S7), Ed Gaunch in a head-to-head with pro-abortion incumbent Erik Wells (S8), Dave Sypolt (S14), Charles Trump (S15) John Unger (S16) and Tom Takubo (S17).

West Virginia Pro-Life House of Delegates Wins:

Pat McGeehan (H1), Ryan Weld (H2), Erikka Storch (H3), David Evans/Mike Ferro (H4), Roger Romine (H6), Woody Ireland (H7), Bill Anderson (H8), Anna Border (H 9), Mike Azinger/Frank Deem/John Kelly (H10), Bob Ashley (H11), Steve Westfall (H12), Scott Cadle/Michael Ihle (H13), Jim Butler (H14), Geoff Foster (H15), Carol Miller (H16), Doug Reynolds (H17), Kelli Sobonya (H18), Kenneth Paul Hicks (H19), Justin Marcum (H20), Jeff Eldridge/Michel Moffatt (H22), Josh Nelson (H23), Ralph Rodighiero (H24), Joe Ellington/Marty Gearheart/John Shott (H27), Roy Cooper/John O’Neal (H28), Ricky Moye (H29), Karen “Lynn” Arvon (H31), Tom Fast/Kayla Kessinger/Dave Perry (H32), Andrew Byrd/John McCuskey/Chris Stansbury (H35), Brad White (H36), Patrick Lane (H38), Ron Walters (H39), Tim Armstead (H40), Jordan Hill (H41), George “Boogie” Ambler/Ray Canterbury (H42), Bill Hamilton (H45), Peggy Donaldson Smith (H46), Danny Wagner (H37), Danny Hamrick/Patsy Trecost (H48), Amy Summers (H49), Cindy Frich/Brian Kurcaba/Amanda Pasdon (H51), Larry Williams (H52), Randy Smith (H53), Allen Evans (H54), Gary Howell (H56), Ruth Rowan (H57), Daryl Cowles (H58), Saira Blair (H59), Larry W. Faircloth (H60), Walter Duke (H61), John Overington (H62), Michael Folk (H63), Eric Householder (H64), Jill Upson (H65) and Paul Espinosa (H66).

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