ACTION ALERT!!!  It’s time to complete the job by motivating Senators,
when the final vote comes down, to

“Vote FOR the version of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, HB 4588, 

that came out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday.

by Mary Anne Buchanan for John Carey, WVFL Legislative Coordinator

Finish the Job!

All are welcome to come to the Capitol on Saturday, March 8, to witness the final vote in the Senate chamber of HB 4588, the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It will be a historical moment. You should be wearing the latest pro-life Rally t-shirt or any of a number of those distributed at past rallies. This will identify the group.


Listen here to Legislative Coordinator John Carey on the March 5 MetroNews Talkline with host Hoppy Kercheval. You should fast forward to the 54:20 mark. The interview lasts about 13 minutes.


The bill was on second reading in the Senate today.  Pray that bad amendments are “shot down”.


Any new information will be posted on the website, on our facebook page and emailed to those on the Pro-Life Alert list.