Electioneering Bill Restricts Free Speech and Abuses Power

West Virginians for Life is in opposition to House Bill 4463 and intends to score this Electioneering Bill. It is scheduled for third reading and passage in the House this morning (2/26/14).

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In a letter presented to legislators today (2/26/14) and signed by WVFL President Dr. Wanda Franz, WVFL Legislative Coordinator John Carey and WVFL Political Liaison Karen Cross, “West Virginians for Life strongly urges you to vote in opposition to House Bill 4463. West Virginians for Life (WVFL) intends to include the roll call on this pernicious legislation in our scorecard of key pro-life issues for the current legislative session.”

West Virginians for Life regards this legislation as a direct assault on its core mission and on its donors and supporters statewide. West Virginians for Life will accurately report to our supporters that lawmakers who vote for this anti-speech legislation are seeking to impede our constitutional right to communicate with our members and with the general public about legislative issues and about the actions of those who make our laws.