by John Carey, WVFL Legislative Coordinator


 Minn Rally 1-22-14
Surely we in West Virginia can do what these pro-lifers, pictured in the
Minnesota state capitol, did last week on January 22.


(Charleston – January 31, 2014)  We continue to meet with our legislators to build support for the Abortion Opt-Out legislation. Committee chairs and others in leadership remain non-committal when asked if they are willing to run the Opt-Out. Our representatives will only act if they believe you care. Let them know you don’t want to pay for abortion in the new health care exchanges. Nothing has more influence on a State Representative than being encouraged by their constituents to support legislation.

It is very important that you do the following:

  • Contact your representatives to ask them to support our legislation. For Senator phones/email addresses, click here. For Delegate phones/email addresses, click here.
  • Sign the Abortion Opt-Out petition at
  • Get all your friends and family to attend the Pro-Life Rally at noon on February 11 at the State Capitol. More information here.

Lead sponsor of S.B. 272 (Opt-Out legislation) is Senator Sam Cann. We deeply appreciate Senator Cann as he not only sponsors pro-life legislation, but actively encourages his colleagues to support the Abortion Opt-Out. We need more Senators and Delegates who are willing to take a stand for those who cannot speak for themselves.

Encourage your representatives to come to the Pro-Life Rally to take a stand for life. Come and help make history!