WVFL President  Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

WVFL President
Wanda Franz, Ph.D.

Dear West Virginians for Life Member,

It is once again time to renew your membership in West Virginians for Life.  Since January, 1973, when  Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton Supreme Court decisions were promulgated, over 56 million innocent, unborn have been killed by abortion.  There is no other event in history that has killed so many innocent people, and it is legal!

 Clearly, the right to life is the most important social issue of our time.  As the late Bishop Bernard Schmitt said: Abortion is not the only issue, but it is the most important issue!  Thus the Right to Life movement is more important now than ever.  We are working to change the mindset that tolerates abortion on demand in America.  West Virginia is pro-life, and Mountaineers don’t want to pay for the killing with their tax dollars.  And, yet, in West Virginia we are paying for abortion through the Medicaid system for all nine months of pregnancy.

Now, the state is establishing the new Health Care Exchange as part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as ObamaCare.  Unfortunately, our state leaders have done nothing to protect West Virginians from being forced to pay for abortion with their tax dollars through insurance sold on the new exchange.  The ACA contains a provision that does allow the State of West Virginia to opt-out of paying for abortions in the new Exchange.  Almost half of the states have passed the Opt-Out provision, and we should have the same protection here in West Virginia.

To promote opt-out legislation, we have hired a new lobbyist in Charleston.  He has done a great job representing us in the State Capitol.  He has begun a new strategy to give you, the people, an opportunity to make your voice heard in Charleston.  You can sign the petitions calling on our state leaders to pass the Opt-Out bill.  Visit here to sign the petition online.  To print out the petition, visit here.  They should be returned before the Rally on February 11, 2014.

Enclosed with this letter is a list of all of the state legislators, who have agreed to help us pass the Abortion Opt-Out legislation.  Please contact your representatives, who have signed on to the bill and thank them.  If your legislators are not on this list, call them and ask them to sign on as well.  Your voice is essential to helping us pass this important legislation to protect West Virginians from funding abortion with their tax dollars.

Remember:  Abortion is not health care.  It does not save a life but ends it.  West Virginians are against taxpayer funds supporting the abortion industry.  They want their state representatives to eliminate such funding.  It is time to take a stand for life!  Pass the word!

Please send in your $35 (Basic) or $50 (Gold) membership contribution.

In addition, plan to join with us this year to make a difference for life by participating in the following activities:

●  Attend the Rally for Life at the State Capitol in Charleston on
February 11, 2014.

●  Contribute to the signature ad in the Charleston Daily Mail the
day before the Rally for Life.

●  Attend the Rose Dinner on Friday, March 28, 2014.  The keynote
speaker is Cal Thomas.

●  Join the Rose Society to make monthly contributions, our most
stable source of funding.

●  Receive weekly updates of important pro-life news via e-mail by
signing up here.

You can keep up with news and events by visiting this webpage or you can e-mail us at wvforlife@labs.net and telephone us at 304-594-9845.

    Please renew your membership now by sending in the coupon at the bottom of the letter found by clicking here!

Sincerely, for life,

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President