Franz2012 ADear Friends,

We know that West Virginians are pro-life.  They support our pro-life legislation and they oppose spending their hard-earned tax dollars to pay for abortions performed in West Virginia.  Sadly, our state is under a court order to fund abortions in our Medicaid Program.  It has been reported that we currently pay over $350,000 a year in our tax dollars to subsidize abortion.

I know that all of you share my dismay at the difficulty we are having getting our state leaders to act to end this state funding of abortion.  We need to educate the people of West Virginia about the fact that they are paying for abortions with their tax dollars.

We are now being asked to fund abortions through the new Affordable Care Act, also known as ObamaCare.  However, this health care law gives each state the option of preventing state tax dollars from flowing into abortion funding.  West Virginians for Life has asked our state leaders to take advantage of this opportunity to limit state funding of abortion, as has happened in half of the other states.

We need the help of all pro-lifers to contact the Governor and state representatives to ask them to act to opt out of abortion funding in the West Virginia health care exchange.  Please open the flyer for information on contacting your state leaders.  Please copy this information and distribute it widely to your friends and family.

To help us do this important educational work, we have had a big fund-raising event this summer.  The First Annual West Virginians for Life Golf Tournament was held Monday, July 8 at Bridgeport Golf Course.  We were honored to have Pittsburgh Steeler Football Center/Guard, Doug Legursky, and other athletes on the course to join in advancing the cause for life.  Legursky and his family were the key-note speakers for the awards dinner following the Tournament.  He and his family gave their inspirational witness about their experience with abortion. Visit the tournament picture gallery.

We thank everyone who worked to make this event a success.  We must continue to work to raise money so we can continue pro-life education in the state of West Virginia.  Thank you for your continuing support.  We truly appreciate your love for life.

Sincerely, for life,

Wanda Franz, President

P.S.   Click here if you would like more flyers to help us educate everyone about the need to stop state funding of abortion in the state health care exchange or contact our office at 304-594-9845.