Franz2012 ADear Friends for Life,

On January 20, 2013, West Virginians for Life sponsored a high-powered educational symposium at the Bridgeport Conference Center, 40 Years of Roe.  Close to 100 people attended.  It was covered by two TV stations and a newspaper local to Bridgeport.  The speakers clearly demonstrated that legalized abortion is associated with many negative effects.

Women, men and families suffer psychologically from abortion.  Women are more apt to have physical health problems, such as breast cancer and cardiac illnesses.  Babies born to women who have had abortions are more apt to be premature.  All of these negative events are painful for our families, but they are also costing us money, because of the increased need for medical services at a time when our health care system is financially stressed.

The members of West Virginians for Life believe that it is time that we educate the public about these damaging effects.  You can still benefit from this important message.  You can view the entire two-hour program by going to our website at  Keep checking our YouTube channel to see if it has posted at  In addition, we will be selling the DVD for $3.00.  Reserve your copy by calling our office at 304-594-9845.

Byron Calhoun, M.D., Professor and Vice Chair at the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, WVU, Charleston, WV, pointed out that we spend over $1.2 billion a year in excess hospital costs due to the increased risk of pre-term birth in subsequent deliveries following abortion.  Priscilla Coleman, Ph.D., Professor at Bowling Green State University, showed that low-income women in the California health care system, who had abortions, cost the state more money than those giving birth.  Women, who had abortions, had more psychiatric hospital admissions for psychiatric problems, such as depressive psychosis and bipolar disorder.  They also had more outpatient mental health claims.

We need to tell our state leaders that we don’t want our tax dollars to fund abortion in the Obama Health Care System, because abortion leads to higher costs for our already-stressed health care system.  During the next legislative session, West Virginians for Life will support passage of an amendment to prevent health care funds in the new state exchanges from being used to pay for abortion.

If you missed “40 Years of Roe: The Nation’s Tragic Experiment”, view it at: and soon

or order a DVD for $3.00 by calling 304-594-9845.

Thank you for your support of this important legislative work.

Sincerely, for Life,

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President