Reid Power Grab and Senator Manchin
Act Now to Prevent Senator Harry Reid from
Turning the U.S. Senate Into a Rubber Stamp for President Obama
This just in from the National Right to Life Federal Legislation Department:
If you start hearing about “filibuster reform,” don’t be fooled.  It’s actually Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid’s plan to change the Senate rules.  Opponents of Reid’s plan to change the Senate rules, without first winning a two-thirds consensus, are referring to the Reid scheme as the “nuclear option.”  Liberal advocacy groups, and some in the mainstream news media, are referring to it as “filibuster reform.”
The important thing to understand is that if Reid actually pulls the trigger on the “nuclear option,” it will make it much more likely that the pro-abortion Senate majority will ride roughshod over the mostly pro-life Senate minority, at least for the next two years.  This could put in jeopardy major pro-life laws, including the Hyde Amendment, which has prohibited most federal funding of abortion for the past quarter-century. 
Furthermore, if Reid is able to pull this off, it opens the door for him to employ the same rule-breaking, rule-changing method to later make further changes that would make it much easier for President Obama to pack key positions in the federal Executive Branch and the federal judiciary — including the Supreme Court — with extreme pro-abortion advocates, to an even greater degree than he accomplished during his first term.
However, Reid’s planned power grab is far from a “done deal.”  All 45 Republican senators are expected to vigorously oppose it.  In addition, a number of prominent Democratic senators have publicly expressed reservations about Reid’s proposal.  For example, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Ca.) said, “I think that’s a mistake at this time but I’ll listen to arguments.”  Senator Mark Pryor (D-Ar.) said, “I’m very reluctant to support it as a 51-vote threshold.  My preference would be not to change the rules . . .” 
Senator Reid’s historic power grab will play out between now and January 3.  If you don’t want President Obama using the U.S. Senate as a rubber stamp for his policies and nominations during the years just ahead, please immediately call the office of Senator Joe Manchin at 1-202-224-3954 and deliver a message along these lines: 
“I am strongly opposed to Senator Reid’s proposed power grab, which would break the Senate rules to change the Senate rules, and trample on the historical rights of the minority.  The Senate was not meant to be a rubber stamp for any president.”
You may contact him through email as well by clicking here.