On January 22, 2013, the pro-life movement will recognize the 40th Anniversary of the Supreme Court decisions that invalidated the properly passed abortion laws in all 50 states and made, in all practicality, abortion on demand the law of the land.  Thus began a tragic experiment that has done great damage to Americans and our culture as a whole.

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West Virginians for Life is preparing an important event to educate the public about the tragic consequences brought on by the legalization of abortion.  We invite all pro-life West Virginians to join us in this public expression of our shared pro-life position.  To promote the event, print out this flyer.  In particular, we would like to encourage you to become partners and join in sponsoring this important event.  As Partner Sponsors, we would include your name with ours in all the media alerts and educational material associated with the event.

Admission is FREE.

40 Years of Roe flyer


***************Click to visit 40 Years of Roe event page***************


40 Years of Roe flyer w sponsor response form