Wanda Franz, Ph.D. WVFL President

Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
WVFL President

Dear Pro-Life Friends,

I know that all of you share my dismay at the direction our great country is taking.  The Obama administration is imposing more and more government control into our lives, making it possible for so-called “progressives” to impose their philosophy on us Americans against our will.  One of the most dangerous government impositions is Obama’s health care “reform” for America, called The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare.

From the beginning, the pro-life movement has argued that there were no protections in ObamaCare against requiring abortion coverage through the medical insurance plans being developed.  ObamaCare provides for the head of Health and Human Services (HHS) to impose a wide range of mandates, none of which appear directly in the law that was passed.  In other words, the bureaucrats in Washington are in a position to use the ObamaCare law to force Americans to participate in abortion or even limit the amount and type of health care you need.

Subsequently, HHS has issued a final rule mandating that groups, including churches, religious schools and hospitals, provide health insurance plans that cover certain birth control drugs and procedures, including abortifacients, even if this violates the group’s religious and moral beliefs.  Thus, Washington has decreed that all institutions must provide their employees with free birth control and abortifacients, no matter what their beliefs are.

Several Catholic institutions have sued the federal government, and they have instituted a “Fortnight of Freedom” project to publicize the damage ObamaCare is doing to the religious liberties of all of us.  A flyer on the dangers of ObamaCare that we have developed for use as a newspaper ad and as a hand-out at churches is available in flyer form here at our website.  Go to Current Events to find this comparison flyer.  If you would like more of these flyers, please contact our office at 304-594-9845.  Call as well, if you are interested in using the flyer in newspaper ad format.

Thank you for your continuing support of the work of West Virginians for Life as we work to protect West Virginians from the dangers of ObamaCare.


Wanda Franz, President

P.S.  Begin to make plans now to attend the state convention on October 13 at Trinity Assembly of God in Fairmont and the annual Rose Dinner at Lakeview in Morgantown on November 15 to hear Dr. Robert George, our guest speaker.