The West Virginians for Life Political Action Committee (WVL PAC) is pleased to report an 88% success rate or 130 of 147 endorsed candidates to make it through the May 8 Democrat and Republican Primaries combined.

One of the biggest nailbiters of the night turned out to be in Senatorial District 9 where pro-life Delegate Daniel Hall edged out Senator Richard Browning (also Majority Whip) in the Democrat Primary by the unofficial count of 220 votes or 51%-49%.

There will be several head-to-head races in the fall General Election.  Please visit our Political Helps section closer to November 6 to find out who the WVL PAC has endorsed.

Becoming a member is encouraged because it makes for quicker and better access to information through mailings and emails.  Join for only $35 annually.  Visit and under the About Us tab, look for Donate.

Thanks for being a voice for the voiceless on May 8.