Dear Pro-Life Friends,

West Virginians for Life, in compliance with the election laws, has established an “internal Political action committee” (WVL-PAC) that is separately incorporated and raises all funds from our members into an account separate from that of West Virginians f or Life.  WVL-PAC’s goal is to provide a service to the pro-life voters of West Virginia by informing them of the position that candidates for office take on the right-to-life issue.

In the upcoming primary election, voters must make informed choices to advance the public good.  Important matters are at stake.  Among the many issues requiring our attention in the next and every election is the right-to-life.   We believe the right to life is the most important issue.  It goes to our deepest beliefs that God creates us in His image; hence to destroy the innocent child before his birth is a grievous sin.  Our Lord Jesus reminded us that whatever we do to the innocent and helpless, we do to Him.

Especially at Easter, we are reminded that to deny the fundamental right to life to the innocent and helpless child in the womb is a rejection of the Lord’s willingness to “become flesh.”  A pro-choice stand is incompatible with the very core of salvation history, namely, the Lord Jesus becoming flesh so He would suffer on the cross for our sins.

Let us remember this as we prepare to vote on May 8.  May God bless your support for the pro-life cause, the most important issue we face in America today.

Sincerely, for life,

Wanda Franz, Ph.D., President

P.S.  Please join your local chapter in celebrating Mother’s Day and participate in the Mother’s Day Walk-for-Life in your area.