What You Can Do To Support Life

Add your name to our list of contacts & potential volunteers:

Join WVFL (Saving babies costs money!) Encourage friends to become WVFL members and receive the local, WVFL & NRLC newsletters. Click here for membership form front (with card attached). Consider becoming a Rose Society member (a supporter who gives on a monthly basis, receives a brief reminder letter w/envelope every month and is not solicited for any other fundraisers, except for infrequent Political Action Committee or PAC appeals).  For a West Virginians for Life informational brochure, click here.

Educate yourself and others (WVFL loans pro-life books/DVDs). Place pro-life brochures in your church’s tract rack. Keep brochures with pictures in your purse, car, home, etc… A picture IS worth 1000 words. Donate pro-life books to school and public libraries. Urge doctors to put pro-life literature in waiting rooms. Attend WVFL Conventions for training and education. Wear pro-life jewelry or clothing. Place pro-life bumper stickers on your car.

Volunteer time at WVFL or your local chapter. Become a pro-life Liaison from your church, encouraging your church to speak and teach on abortion. Pray. Perform home computer work. Help pro-life candidates to campaign. Help a pregnant girl — contact your local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

Find out your representatives’ stance on abortion (contact WVFL) and write them with your views on current legislation. Write letters-to-the-editor.

Speak to your family, friends, and neighbors about your pro-life convictions — defend the unborn, they cannot speak for themselves! Purchase bulk copies of Life Matters for your church or organization ($12.50 per 50 newspapers).

Vote for pro-life candidates.

Urge teens to start a pro-life club and join WV Teens for Life.  Twitter handle: #WVTeens4Life — also find them on Facebook.