WV For Life Officers / Board of Directors

The board consists of officers plus two representative directors from each of seven regions of West Virginia. The counties allotted within each region are color-coded at right. Click here to print the map.


President: Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
Vice President: Mary Tillman, J.D.
Secretary: Louise Deal
Treasurer: Douglas Joseph
NRLC Delegate: Pamela Stanley
PAC President: Wanda Franz, Ph.D.
PAC Treasurer: Mary Anne Buchanan


Region 1, Northern Panhandle Director(s): Nancy Barry, Julia Chaplin
Region 2, Mid-Ohio Valley Director(s): Patty Cooper, Wayne Sanders
Region 3, Kanawha Valley Director(s): Randy Meadows, George Wallace
Region 4, Southern Director(s): Bonnie Ayers, Hilda Shorter
Region 5, North Central Director(s): Charles V. Northtrop, Douglas Joseph
Region 6, Mountain Director(s): Mary English, Judy Fuller
Region 7, Eastern Director(s): Lacey Dent, Betsy Wolfe
At-Large Members: Louise Deal, Mary Tillman

Past President:

Karen Cross, WVFL Political/Legislative Liaison

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