The goal of West Virginians for Life is to promote the protection of human life, from conception until natural death. To accomplish this goal, WVFL works to educate through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and related issues, upon which individuals and the general public may make informed decisions.


WVFL is a non-profit, public-service organization. WVFL is a statewide network of county chapters and the voice for the unborn in West Virginia. Our goal is the preservation of human life from conception to natural death. Consequently, we oppose the practices of abortion, infanticide, and euthanasia. However, in order to remain open to as many persons as possible, we take no positions on such peripheral issues as the death penalty, true contraception, and war; nor are we affiliated with any particular religious group. Finally, we do not participate in, nor support, any illegal activities.

WVFL’s primary purpose is to educate through the presentation of detailed and factual information about fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, and related issues, upon which individuals and the general public may make informed decisions.

The legal protection of the right to life of innocent human beings is the basic issue upon which all other issues of human rights and justice depend. It is the pivotal human rights issue today, because once we abandon the basic democratic principle of equality – that ALL human beings deserve the protection of the law no matter what their size, their age or their degree of dependency – then the rights of all of us are less secure.

Members of WVFL come from many different social, economic, racial, religious, age, and political backgrounds, and are bound together by a common dedication to the protection of all human life. Our cause is to foster and protect society’s traditional respect for life supporting the civil and human rights of the unborn, the defenseless, the aged, the disadvantaged, and all human life.

WVFL Programs

Through education, outreach, citizen action, and legislation, West Virginians for Life works to return legal protection to defenseless human beings. WVFL seeks to protect the unborn child from abortion, the disabled newborn from passive or active infanticide, and the medically disabled and the elderly from euthanasia. Following are brief descriptions of some of West Virginians for Life’s programs and services.

Life Matters

WVFL produces and mails a quarterly pro-life publication, Life Matters, which has been available online since December 2010. Items of local, state and national interest are covered.

Media Relations

The WVFL state office provides alerts to the media, keeping reporters informed about life issues. WVFL produces radio, TV and print advertisements, and distributes fliers that deliver the pro-life message. WVFL promotes NRLC’s Pro-Life Perspective, a daily five minute radio broadcast featuring NRLC President Carol Tobias. The program is a tool used to educate and motivate pro-life Americans to act on behalf of innocent human lives threatened by our culture of death. Any radio station interested in airing the program should call National Right to Life at (202) 626-8825 or (202) 626-8833 or send an email to producer@prolifeperspective.comPro-Life Perspective airs on the following stations: WWYO 970 AM in Pineville, WDTF 107.9 FM in Berkeley Springs and WDTF 96.3 FM in Hancock, MD.

State Legislation

WVFL works with legislators to pass pro-life legislation and to defeat pro-abortion legislation. WVFL coordinates a Pro-life Rally and Day at the Legislature in February at the state capitol. WVFL coordinates grassroots lobbying efforts through dissemination of legislative alerts, compilation and distribution of legislative voting records, maintenance of phone trees and mass emails, the posting of information on WVFL’s web page and other social media as noted below under social networking.  While the Abortion Opt-Out in the WV Healthcare Exchange is still be on our agenda, of higher priority in 2016, is the tightening up of parental control with respect to their teen daughters’ abortions.

State Organization Development

WVFL works to develop and assist county chapters throughout the state. Staff and Board officers will help with startup meetings, developing local chapters, training and support. We travel across the state to make presentations in churches and schools, before civic groups or speak on local talk radio, both secular and religious stations. Please contact the state office for assistance in reaching your community with the pro-life message.


WVFL holds an annual pro-life convention on a Saturday in the fall. Pro-life West Virginians come together to share information and experiences, to learn, and to renew old friendships. Some presentations cover basic training, while others offer a deeper analysis of pro-life topics and tactics. The fast-paced all-day convention (including a wonderful luncheon) provides pro-life West Virginians with opportunities to learn, to be motivated and to share a day of comradery with other pro-lifers. Click here for our Calendar of Events to see when the next convention is being held.

Educational Trust Fund

The Education Trust Fund provides educational materials to individuals and chapters across West Virginia. Billboards have been placed across the state. Pro-life television, radio and newspaper advertisements have been broadcast. The Educational Trust Fund maintains a video and book lending library and hundreds of files on various issues related to life. “Life Touch” Fetal Models are available for use in fairs, booths and in schools. An annual Rose Dinner sponsored by the Educational Trust Fund raises pro-life awareness and income. To see when the next Rose Dinner is being held, click here for our Calendar of Events.

Religious Outreach

WVFL produces Life Letters, a pro-life bulletin insert for use in churches. WVFL also sponsors a church liaison program, to channel information to churches.

Political Action Committee

WVL PAC was formed to support candidates for federal and state office who work to further the goals of the pro-life movement. In every major election since 1980, pro-life candidates have fared better than pro-abortion candidates among voters who base their vote on a candidate’s position on abortion.

Website, Email, Social Networking

WVFL’s web page is located at https://archive2.wvforlife.org – the email address is info@wvforlife.org.  The organization also has a fan page on Facebook. To join us on facebook, be sure to click the LIKE button once you arrive at the page.  Follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/wv4life and on YouTube at youtube.com/WVforLife.

Teens for Life

Recognizing that nearly one-third of their generation has been aborted, WV Teens for Life was formed in 1986 by a handful of teens dedicated to fight the culture of death passed on to them. Teens are encouraged to attend the annual WVFL Convention in the fall and it’s always heartening to see the number of teens who turn out for the annual Pro-Life Rally at the state capitol usually held in February.  The latter provides an opportunity for teens to see how state government functions, and gives them an opportunity to meet legislators.  In 2013, a Teen Essay Contest was established late in the year.  The winner will read their essay at the Rally in February.  It will also be printed in the March edition of Life Matters and the essay will be submitted to the National Right to Life Essay Contest.  All entrants receive a water bottle.  First, second and third place finishers in two categories receive monetary prizes.  Be sure to follow West Virginia Teens for Life on Twitter at #WVTeens4Life.