When an abortion occurs, the woman is not allowed to mourn the death of her child. She is encouraged to treat the experience as insignificant. She finds, instead of comfort and support, tremendous pain. This pain has been called Post-Abortion Syndrome.

Symptoms of Post-Abortion Syndrome may include: denial, anger, guilt, depression, child abuse, inability to forgive self and others, recurring nightmares, eating disorders, drug and alcohol dependencies, and suicidal tendencies.

“Post-Abortion Syndrome displays the hallmark of repressed mourning, guilt, pain, and impacted grief. However, once recognized and defined, PAS can be healed and a woman’s grief and suffering can be worked through and relief from her pain secured.” – Dr. Vincent Rue, Ph.D.

Post-Abortion Syndrome


Partial List of Abortion Related Information Web Sites (courtesy of American Victims of Abortion)

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